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Joining UFS & FAQs

How do I become a UFS member?

To join UFS, please download the Application Form HERE (PDF), complete this and return the completed form to:

UFS Community
The Old Station House
Cotswold Road
GL52 5HD

 For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact UFS

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does UFS membership cost?
UFS membership rates are staggered based on your salary and start from as little as £3.31 per month.  Please see below our table of rates for the current year

Subscription Rates (as of 1st April 2016)

Min Salary (£) Max Salary (£) Monthly Subscriptions (£)
0 5,000 3.41
5,001 9,000 5.97
9,001 13,000 6.97
13,001 17,000 7.94
17,001 21,000 8.94
21,001 25,000 9.93
25,001 29,000 10.93
29,001 35,000 11.91
35,001 40,000 13.19
40,001   14.29


I am not a member but I have a workplace problem, can you help me?

UFS membership is a lot like insurance at work, so we cannot offer cover on an issue that you are aware of when you join.  In order to make sure that you are protected, you should join UFS as soon as possible, and before an issue arises.  Join now to ensure you are protected


Can I join and get help straight away or is there a qualifying period?

There is no specific qualifying period, however there are some restrictions on support we can offer for issues that are live at the time you join UFS.  As soon as you are a member, you have access to the UFS Helpline, all of the legal services and the membership discounts.  You can also receive full advice, support and representation on any issue that arises after you become a member.  If you have an issue when joining, we will not be able to represent you.  Contact us to find out more or join today


There are not any UFS members in my workplace, can I still join?

Yes.  Everyone has the right to join any union they want to, and UFS has members in many different locations and industries and have lots of experience in dealing with many different employers.  If we do not have members in your area, we may not be involved in collective issues, however you can still access the UFS helpline, legal services, full individual representation and support, as well as all the discounts.  


Is there a minimum length of membership I will be signing up to?

No, there is no minimum period of membership.  We only ask that you give one month's notice when leaving UFS


There is another Union in my workplace, can I still join UFS?

Yes, every individual has the right to join (or not join) any union they want.  As a UFS member, you can still have access to all the individual benefits, such as advice and representation from UFS and access to all the legal services and discounts.  If your employer is making collective changes (eg pay review or redundancies), UFS may not be able to get involved in the consultation process, however we can still advise you on your personal situation.