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Business Transfers (TUPE)

The TUPE Regulations are designed to protect the rights of employees when they are transferred to a new company.

TUPE has a reputation for being a complex and daunting area of employment law but UFS have been involved in  many of these transfers and can give you advice and guidance throughout the process.

When a new employer acquires a business, the employees’ rights should be protected.

This means your contractual terms and conditions, such as pay and working hours, should remain the same. So, in most respects, nothing should change except the employer’s name. However some changes may be proposed which must be consulted on.

How can UFS help me?

If UFS are the recognised union , we will be formally consulted on the transfer and can represent your interests throughout the process. In such circumstances UFS will also be able to continue to act as your recognised union in the new employer.

You have access to the UFS helpline, where you can get quick practical advice on how to ensure your rights are protected, and what to do if they are not.

UFS can help you through this transition and can assist you in this period of uncertainty by raising any concerns on your behalf and offering advice to members where necessary.

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