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Grievance Procedure

Are you feeling under pressure? Do you disagree with your performance appraisal? Have you been refused holiday or time off? The Grievance Procedure is a tool for workers to raise any workplace concerns they have. Members may have various reasons for wanting to raise a Grievance, whether because of a decision their employer has made, a  colleague’s behaviour or a Health and Safety danger.

Wherever possible individuals should attempt to resolve issues informally before raising a Grievance, and UFS Reps are trained and experienced to help with this.

If you are considering a Grievance, you should submit a statement, detailing your concerns, to your manager. This should also include the outcome you are looking for and any evidence you are looking to use. In most circumstances, you would then be invited to a meeting with your manager (or if this is not appropriate, another manager) to discuss your concerns. You are entitled to be represented by a UFS Rep at this meeting.

The manager will then investigate the matter and respond to you, detailing their decision and your right of appeal.

UFS are experts in these areas and can support you throughout the procedure.