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Discrimination in the workplace

The Equality Act 2010 gives you the right not to be discriminated against. Discrimination is treating someone less favorably than others because of a certain characteristic.

Discrimination on the following grounds is prohibited by the Equality Act:

> Gender;

> Race;

> Disability;

> Age;

> Sexual Orientation;

> Religion or Belief; 

> Marriage or Civil Partnership;

> Gender Reassignment;

> Pregnancy or Adoption.

In addition your employer also can’t treat you less favorably than other workers because you:

> Work part time;
> Work on a fixed-term contract;
> Are a member of a Trade Union.

If you are connected to someone with these characteristics, or perceived to have them, you may also be protected from detriment by these provisions.

This can be a complicated area of law but UFS are here to advise you wherever possible. If you feel you are being treated unfairly for whatever reason, get in touch as soon as possible.