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Disciplinary and Capability

UFS can support and advise you through formal procedures and offer representation at the relevant meetings. 

Wherever possible, employers should try to resolve issues informally before moving to a formal procedure and UFS can offer guidance on whether a reasonable effort to reach an informal resolution has happened.  Unfortunately this is not always successful and individuals may face formal action.

Disciplinary Procedure

Should an employer be concerned about a worker’s conduct, or in some circumstances, their performance, they may instigate the Company's  disciplinary procedure.

The first formal step would be a letter from your employer setting out the disciplinary issue(s), as well as any supporting evidence which will be used, followed by a meeting to discuss this.

You are entitled to representation from a UFS representative at this meeting. Once a decision has been made, you should be informed and given a right to appeal this decision.

UFS can help ensure you are treated fairly through this process and can help you put together your mitigations.  We will ensure your points are made clearly and that a clear resolution is sought by the Company.  

We can also support you should the worst happen.  UFS can assess your case and give you honest advice on whether you have any legal claim against your employer.  Should the merits of the case justify it, UFS can support you through the legal process and will also cover the tribunal fee*.

Capability Procedure

Some employers may use a separate Capability Procedure when there are performance issues. The process should be similar to that above, although there should be much more specific performance objectives and review  periods. Similarly, you are entitled to be accompanied by a UFS rep at any formal hearing.

UFS can help ensure that any targets set are fair and reasonable, and that you are treated fairly through the process.  We can also offer guidance on how to ensure the Company is supporting you with any performance issues, for instance by extra training or mentoring.

UFS has a team of trained officials with many years experience of acting as a companion for members in formal meetings. UFS can assist you through every step of the process.

If you need help, call the UFS helpline on 01242 708090

*Any expense must be agreed by UFS. Terms and conditions apply.