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Bullying & Harassment

Every person has the right to work without fear of bullying or harassment and UFS work hard to promote a non-hostile working environment for its members.

Harassment refers to unwanted conduct which affects the dignity of other people. It may be related to any personal characteristic, although specific protections exist for harassment on certain grounds, such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation and disability.

Harassment may be a persistent behaviour or an isolated incident and the important factor is how the actions are
perceived by the recipient.

Bullying is often characterised as:

> Offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour;

> An abuse or misuse of power through means intended to undermine or humiliate the recipient;

> The creation of a hostile, degrading, offensive or intimidating environment.

What can I do?

Individuals have a responsibility to behave in ways which support a non-hostile working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

You can play your part in making your employer’s policy work effectively by challenging behaviour which may promote a bullying or harassment culture.

How can UFS help me?

Your UFS Reps work in many branches throughout the UK and are an integral part in ensuring any incidences of bullying or harassment is dealt with quickly and effectively.  If there are Reps in your branch you can contact them first for confidential advice and support if necessary.

You can also get in touch with the UFS Regional Secretaries, who are on hand to help via our dedicated helpline. Our legally qualified team of experts can guide you through the process and act on your behalf and on your instruction.  Your case will usually be handled by the same person from the initial contact through to resolution, so you benefit from personal and consistent advice and support.

Should you need to raise a formal complaint, UFS can help you do this and can offer representation from a trained and skilled representative at any formal meeting ensuring you have the best chance of getting a resolution.

All information is handled in the strictest confidence and we will never act unless you instruct us to.  

Do not suffer in silence, UFS can help

UFS Helpline - 01242 708090