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As a Trade Union, Community is a democratic organisation that is organised into geographic regions, and is controlled by a National Executive Committee (NEC), and UFS members are represented on the Community NEC by the Chair of the Section Committee, currently Sue Horton.

NEC members are not employed by the Trade Union except the position of General Secretary, which, as well as being an employed position, is also an elected NEC seat. Similarly, Section Committee members are not employed by the Union, except for the position of National Officer.

UFS has a central team of staff and officials based at our Head Office in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Whist they are your legal advisors in the workplace UFS staff cannot act on behalf of members without having gained instruction from them either directly or via the NEC (National Executive Committee). 

UFS Section Committee

The UFS Section Committee is the principal committee of the UFS section of Community, and is responsible for the overall government of the section. With delegated authority from the NEC, it determines the stance we take on particular issues, it governs the staffing of the full-time officials and it is responsible for ensuring the UFS section adheres to financial budgets.

The Section Committee is elected every two years and any rep with at least two years' experience can be nominated for election. The Committee itself is made up of elected reps, each of whom represents Community members in a particular geographic region, plus the Chair and the National Officer.


Sue Horton

Section Committee Chair


Alan Wood

National Officer


John Murphy


Alex Robinson


Grant Bartle


Mitchell Wensley


Glen Williams


Graham Brazier





Alex Bramley

Tracey Ramsey

Sarah Newman 

Sarah Vickers